Unfortunately, That Excuse Doesn’t Cut It With An OCR Investigator, Resolve A Data Breach Or Erase Any Fines And Lawsuits You Will Get Slapped With.

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It’s coming.

That day a hacker locks you out of all your patient data and renders your office helpless…
That day when you find your patients’ medical records are up for sale to the highest bidder…
Or that day when someone clicks a bad email link and OCR is knocking on your door looking for answers.

Cyber criminals and hackers are constantly inventing NEW ways to infiltrate your company and the government is constantly coming up with NEW regulations to follow. The ONLY way to STAY AHEAD OF THEM…

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Protect Your Practice And HIPAA Protected Patient Data
With Compliance Secrets Like These

Tip # 13: Are you watching who’s in your network? — DON’T LOOK NOW! If you don’t do THIS the bad guys may already be lurking.

Tip # 44: Do you accept credit cards for patient payments? If you answered “Yes”, but you neglect this KEY STEP, you may get FINES, FEES and even SUED!

Tip # 3: Why make a hacker’s job EASIER? Do THIS to your passwords — It’s like a wall of steel.

Tip # 26: If you don’t take THIS RARE but IMPORTANT step when you get a brand new PC, it could spell the DEATH of that PC (and your files) in a matter of months!

Tip # 6: Far too many businesses have firewalls that are USELESS! Yours might be too unless you take the time to do THIS frequently.

Tip # 29: Every day people TRY to get on Facebook or Twitter and get more than friend updates — They get dangerous viruses and malware instead! This 6-second action ELIMINATES this common risk.

Tip # 12: What’s worse than getting your phone stolen? Giving that thief access to ALL of your patient data as well as your personal stuff. Take this simple step to breathe easy about your files.

Tip # 42: Have a remote login when working from home? YOU may unknowingly be inviting a VIRUS into your network unless you take this action.

And while we cannot ever guarantee you won’t be breached or face an OCR audit,
the HIPAA compliance secrets you get WILL significantly reduce your risk.

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